Social Media Marketing Strategy for Blog Startups

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Blog Startups

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Social media websites are a huge opportunity for you to approach your potential customers.

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You have to create your business profile on all social media profiles.
Social media sites bring a lot of traffic to websites.
According to stats of Shareaholic website, 8 big social media platforms drove 31.24% of overall web traffic in 2015.
Use of social media has only increased since then.

Building social media following and keeping them engaged is one of your most important digital marketing strategy for startups.

Another significant benefit is its help in making you a brand.
Regularly post something that will catch the attention of your market.
It will increase your following. A business with a large following on social media platforms is considered a ‘Brand’.

If I ask you to choose a free pair of shoes from either ‘Nike’ or ‘Anta’, which would you choose?
Most probably your answer is ‘Nike’.
Do you know why? Because Nike is a huge brand. Not many people know ‘Anta’.
People trust brands – unconditionally!

Here’s another digital marketing tip for startups.
Put your focus on social media that has the most users in the world.
Here are results of the Global Stats Counter on the use of social media:

Social Media Platform Worldwide Users
Facebook 68.95%
Pinterest 15.15%
Twitter 7.41%
YouTube 3.76%
Reddit 1.71%
Instagram 1.56%

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