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How to perfectly use Facebook Ads Advertising?

How to perfectly use Facebook Ads Advertising?

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How to use Facebook Social Media Advertising to Save Time and Money?

Fun Fact, Facebook is the biggest social media on Earth, and almost every person with access to the internet uses it.

Why Facebook is so powerful? simply because Facebook shares with you all of the following information.

This global company knows a lot about its users – for example:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Geographical location
  • Qualification
  • Profession
  • Interests
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Facebook will show your ad to the people that you specify, Basically, you tell Facebook about your target audience. Wow sounds good, want to know more! check our blog post about Facebook Ads.

let us take an example to better show you,

For example, if you deliver Derby and Oxford-style shoes in York. 

It’s common sense that the people who would need these shoes are:

  • Male
  • 20 to 50 years old
  • Educated
  • Professionals

You can set all these specifications when boosting a post on Facebook.

This will show your advertisement only to relevant people. A woman would, most probably, have nothing to do with an ad showing shoes for men.

Given the example above, we can use different specifications for different products, demographics, services, and so on. When applying those filters you can make sure that your Ads show to the relevant audience or target. Another technique that can be used is the narrow audience strategy where you can provide even more specifications to Facebook in order to narrow your target marketing,” this can save you more money” by showing your Facebook ads only to 95% of your target audience. How to use a narrow audience strategy?

  • 1. Define your location, (using Oxford shoes example): York
    2. Define Age (20-5- Yrs.)
    3.Define education (select college degree)
    4. Define Profession (lawyer, accountant, banker, Piolt…)

Simple right, the way you tell facebook exactly what to expect from him, and this way your ads showed to relevant customers only. you will not spend money showing your ads to customers who are looking for different products, services, interests.

Stick around for more great content from our Blog.

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