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What is NFT? How to create NFT?

What is NFT? How to create NFT?

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These days many online users are getting more interested in NFT. This trend started in 2021 and it is peaking at an all-time high in the first week of 2022. Artists make a lot of money in selling digital art creations!

You may wonder what is NFT?

NFT art

Possible the first time you encounter an NFT to become curious about what it is really! in the next paragraph we will cover it.

Non-fungible-token in a short format is NFT, which is an exchangeable digital asset. you can trade NFT instantly at any time and whenever you want! Actually, there are many NFT marketplaces you can browse NFT art.

Digital assets that can be exchanged are basically smart contracts on the Blockchain. So, in that case, there will be no two art with the same contact! This is what makes NFT valuable and rare!

What is NFT?

it is very common that many of you are familiar with the Mona Lisa painting or with the Beatles rock band! In the same way is NFT is giving the opportunity to creators, artists, and designers to create their piece and sell it directly to the buyers.

NFT art

How NFT works?

There are many different types of NFT, let us take for example a rare one-of-a-kind painting like the Mona Lisa, it holds great value due to its uniqueness and rarity. On the other hand, Digital world arts are online so they can be easily duplicated, copied, or forged.

With NFT each you can create a digital token (ie. smart contract) and this is called “Tokenized”. This is called a digital certificate to prove ownership of the art or digital assets.

It is by far very similar to cryptocurrency, the only difference is that NFT is unique and rare. NFT consists of smart contracts that may also provide future royalties to its owners. Basically, as an owner, you can track the ownership history of your NFT.

How to create an NFT?

While to create a unique and rare piece of art you need to be an artist; with NFT it is a much easier and faster process.

To create an NFT you will need a piece of art of any kind (ie. painting, song, video…etc) and you will register on the Blockchain for a smart contract, or what is called the minting process.

With NFT becoming very active on the internet there are many places where you can find complete sources for NFT creation.

Another great place to start for the NFT project is to hire Freelancers with extensive experience in the NFT and Blockchain.

At Laure Media we are eager to stay updated and provide the most wanted services for our clients, our NFT experts are well experienced and vetted in the NFT and Blockchain industries.

Services we provide are NFT project launch, NFT project promotions, and NFT consultation for early starters.

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NFT project

It is most likely that NFT is going to hit an all-time high during the years in the future and we will see more NFT artists and marketplaces. Another great example is the MINT NFT marketplace and platform.

With NFT you can earn money in different ways and that is the cool part, especially with the royalty feature we discuss above earlier.

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