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Start your Blog in less than 20 Min

Start your Blog in less than 20 Min

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Start your Blog as short as 20 Min! Follow our 9 steps to create a Blog.
Earn Money Blogging in 2021, receive Passive income for life.

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First of All, I’m just an average guy like you! and I can say I have no prior experience in Blogging. My Blogging journey started as an inspiration, I talk more about this here. when I decided to start blogging it was for fun, then after I realize that I can turn Fun into Money and start a side income stream. I never expected to turn Blogging into High Paying Career. A few years ago I was introduced to online business and online shopping, while I always was looking for a variety of ways to earn Passive income and side money streams. I learned how to start an online business and operated few online shops, part of this was to develop a system to track keywords and search terms. the system helped track hot keywords and search terms on Google.

Here I’ll show you the 9 steps to create your Blog:
1.Find a Niche or Product to sell in your Blog, I will list references here
2.Find a website builder for your Blog, my favorite is Bluehost
3.Research a catchy Domain Name, my favorite is Namecheap
4.Find a website hosting company, my favorite is Bluehost
5.Setting up your web hosting, web designers, web publishers
6.Finding the right Blog theme and apply it, my favorite is the Eliminator theme.
7.Install the right plug-ins for Blog
8.Publish your first Blog Post on WordPress
9.Share your blog with the World.

Following the steps we mention in this article will help you start your Blog Business much faster. like our Blog? Share to the World. If you have a question or comment send us a ticket

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