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Social Media “Serial Killer”!

Social Media “Serial Killer”!

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Social media is powerful, and it is so powerful when it is in the right hands!
We will examine in this Blog why Social media is powerful? How to use Social Media to generate passive income?
Social Media is a Medium to share almost everything nowadays. Social Media users around the world are connected to different types of Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin. So what is the secret behind Social Media that makes it so powerful?

Social media to generate passive income
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People around the world are using Social Media to connect to other people, We use Social Media at Work, School, Family. In recent studies that Social Media users will continue to grow. Studies are talking about almost 4.4 Billion People all around the world, and that is a big number almost 55% of the world population.

We are Sharing Photos, Videos, and Audio clips that are all done today through Social Media. People share Content in every millisecond. People react, share and comment on what they see and hear on Social Media. Social Media platforms bring more features and tools to help users share content wide and broad in a different way, Tiktok for instance brought short video clips and rocked the world!

Social Media is a powerful tool that can have a large impact. A Social Media Manager is the master of social media and holds a great responsibility to clients and to the audience.
Does a Social Media Manager know what content to post? when to post? and where to post?
When content gets the most views it starts to trend high on social Media and this brings more views. Every Social platform has an Algorithm, this Algorithm monitor platform activity and notices every single post. When a hype detected Algorithm will push content higher to bring more views and impressions.
Experienced social media manager knows how to hack the Social Media Algorithm.

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