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How to post Google reviews?

How to post Google reviews?

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How many times did you try looking for a business on Google my business?

You will look up a business based on reviews listed on Google!

Google reviews

So you are looking for a service or a product online, and you type it in the search bar online. You will receive many quires and it is best to sort by relevance or rating.

What is Google reviews?

It is very common that a business listed on Google to receive reviews. it is common that businesses to receive good reviews or bad reviews.

It is common that many businesses listed on Google to notice many reviews not published when a customer writes them.

There are two reasons behind the missing Google missing reviews:

  • Google has removed reviews manually.
  • Google review filter masked
Google reviews

Google removed reviews manually

When your submitted Google review gets spotted by Google review internal team is very unlikely to happen. When Google receives nearly thousands of business reviews on daily basis the task gets very hard.

Google automatic filter

Google’s review filter is getting very strict, and this could explain the trend, Google has the highest average of inauthentic reviews compared to other digital/ social platforms. for comparison let us bring some numbers

  • Google 10.7 percent
  • Yelp 7.1 percent
  • Tripadvisor 5.2 percent
  • Facebook 4.9 percent

Google filter reviews common reasons :

There are many reasons of Google filter remove reviews, and they are:

  • Users write reviews in a free wifi enviroments. this happens when business IP address and Guest IP are the same. Google filter will detect and spot your Guest review and mark as spam.
  • Your business reviewres have never been at your business before. This may happen if someone wrute a review about your business “Google knows where you have been” but never been or visit your business.
  • Users write a review about your business categorized in the Education or School category. yep Google filter will remove reviews of schools and education in certain countries like US or UK.
Google my business

Google My Business

Trying to solve this can be a hard task for many business owners, dealing with Google filter reviews can be time-consuming and effort taking of your business team time.

Google my business reviews are very important and can leave a huge effect on your customer decision of using or not using your business/ services.

At Laure Media and Business Consulting, we have a long record of Google my business cases delivered successfully to our clients.

Our team of Google My Business experts will review your business reviews and determine the best actions to enhance your business image.

Whether you’re an established business or a new business our team of experts will guide you through the process of removing: Bad reviews, unauthentic reviews, competitor’s reviews, and bot reviews.

Trying to solve it by yourself!

You can post google my business reviews or alternatively ask friends or family to do so. But this may bring you to the issues we discussed before above.

Book your call today.

Read more about business reviews and more business topics in our Blog.

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