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How to get a free theme for WordPress?

How to get a free theme for WordPress?

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As my writing grow I started to look into ways to improve my ranking and get more visitors to my blogs. I had no idea that I can generate income from my word! indeed I learned about passive income and affiliate marketing. afterward and gradually as I was looking to tweak my Blogs I noticed that my Blogs are not attractive to visitors. Although I researched for the best for my Blogs I have made a list of what I need to look for in a free WordPress Theme.

WordPress is a page builder that is an open-source use.
A Theme is a design-builder to WordPress.

Free Theme For WordPress!

During my early stages as a freelance writer, I was looking more into content than design or look. I had the thought that content takes on design or look. Though I really did not look into the design at all. my main goal was to write as much as I can and bring more knowledge on the web-based on my personal experience. here is what to look for in a free Theme for WordPress:

i. Ease of use, again I am a writer, not a WebDev, so I do not have much technical background. I looked for an easy-to-implement theme and user-friendly to my Blog visitors. Features like Right-Click menu, Navigator, and Finder were on my top search and sort.

ii. Value for the money, as a new blogger I want to spend less and earn more”obviously” sure everyone does. So I wanted the most from the new themes, like Form Builder, Popup Builder, Theme builder, and more. I marked those as a must in order not to spend more with extra payments.

iii. Support, it means a lot for new Blogger, solving problems and providing assistance. I can say I have tested many cheap themes and free themes for WordPress, they all suck with no support or delayed support. this is frustrating and time-consuming and it is an obstacle if you are looking to monetize the blog.

Take my advice, do not try to hire coders or developers as this may cause your Blog to slow down. WordPress should be much simple with the right theme.

After I did my research @Elementor Theme came into play.

Free Theme for WordPress

Elementor Theme is a powerful WordPress easy page builder that enables bloggers and website builders to create a website in few minutes without prior coding experience. sounds sweet, will let me add more sweetness to that in the next paragraph.

Elementor Theme has a free and paid version, I decided to go for the paid version, again I am looking to monetize my blog, I needed all features in the theme unlocked.

If you are starting out you can go for the free version. I have got you the link for the free version: click here

To summarize my journey and bring you the best I posted a link to get a free version of the Elementor theme at no cost to you. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts.

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