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How to choose Free and Secure VPN? Best Blogger VPN!

How to choose Free and Secure VPN? Best Blogger VPN!

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My last memory of my blog being hacked is still around!
I remember when my blog got hacked and I lost access to my hard-worked content!
I had a free blogger VPN service that was worth nothing to protect my content.

Not all VPN are the same.

Free VPN may leak your most important data.

How to choose Free and Secure VPN??

Most and foremost your VPN should use up-to-date encryption and be regularly audited by independent auditors. VPN should be at least 256-bit encryption.

What to look for in choosing VPN:

  • Security 
  • Protection
  • Speed 
  • Convenience

Security is the most important rule in choosing a VPN service. VPN will boost powerful encryption and maximum protection to your Blog. Free VPN vs. Paid VPN, sometimes you may be seduced to install a Free VPN, just like what I did before and was hacked and my blog data were breached online. 

Note: Free VPN are paid VPN most often!

Paid VPNs services can afford to operate and run constant improvements to VPN service, while free VPN may sell your data to a third party to cover expenses.

Nord VPN has no logs policy- This means your internet activity is never logged or shared with others.

How can free VPN s sell my data?

VPNs track and store your connection logs and traffic, this is usually done while you are working on your blog or surfing the internet.

Protection is another must when it comes to choosing a VPN service, it means providing maximum protection against stealing your blog content. Always look for powerful 256-bit AES encryption.

VPNs auditing is another important key to choosing a full protection VPN. Independent audits can be conducted on regular basis to check whether the VPN is fully protected against hackers and security breaches. 

Convenience as a Blogger and Affiliate Marketer 99% of my work is done online, whether it is from my home office or local Cafe Shop. Being able to work remotely from anywhere and anytime is a competitive advantage nowadays. Being able to do so provides me the convenience to surf the web safely anywhere and anytime without being worried about how safe the internet connection is.

I use my VPN on different platforms, laptops, mobile phones, or tablets. Nord VPN can easily be installed and configured on multiple platforms. With Nord VPN There is no need for coding or prior experience to install and run it on different platforms. 

Can VPN slow down my internet connection Speed?

Speed is another critical factor when choosing VPN. I can tell you that a slow VPN can cause a lot of damage to your blog or online business! especially if you are in a country or place where there is no strong and stable broadband access. A fast VPN is built on fast and lightweight protocols, for example, Nord VPN is built on Lynex protocol to give you as fast speed as possible.

Blogger VPN

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