How to Build Subscriber’s list for Email Marketing

How to Build Subscriber’s list for Email Marketing

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How to Build a Subscriber’s List for Email Marketing?

While social media following has its value, many leading digital marketers recommend putting the focus on creating your own subscriber’s list.
Your website subscribers are not dependent on any other social media.
They are your website’s followers that you approach through emails.
Despite arguments, email marketing is still a very powerful digital marketing strategy for startups.

According to the 2016 stats of Campaign Monitor, email marketing is still the king of marketing and returns 4,400 percent return on investment.

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But, you don’t have to send emails to random people.
Your subscribers are the people that want to or agreed to receive updates of your website.
Most of them won’t ignore your emails.
According to Brian Dean, he increased his conversion rate up to 785% by boosting his subscriber list.

How to Build Subscriber’s List?

Internet users don’t feel comfortable sharing their email.
It is understandable because it fills their inbox with spam and scams.
A person is more likely to give you his email when:
1.He trusts you
2.He needs something in return

Why not offer both?
You have to build trust by providing quality content and services. People find websites with a good design more trustworthy.

Next is offering something valuable in return for their email – just like we discussed to get more leads.
Tricks like offering a reward or prize may not work very efficiently with smart users.

A recommended digital marketing strategy for startups to grow their email list is to use the ‘Content Upgrade’ technique.

Content Upgrade is offering additional useful and relevant content that a user would really want.
You ask them to subscribe to your newsletter in return for this useful download.

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