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Finally, I found the best Banking App for Freelancers!

Finally, I found the best Banking App for Freelancers!

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As a freelancer do I need to have a banking app?
What is the best Mobile Banking Apps for 2021?
Are there any Free banking apps? with no hidden fees? Find out how I saved $2400 in banking fees?

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Recently I started to search for the ultimate banking App, not to hide from you I have been loyal to my commercial bank for the past 14+ years, I had Checkings accounts and Savings accounts during that time lapsed. Commercial banks are found everywhere and I would probably have seen many of them locally, in my neighborhood, across the street, or next to work. what makes commercial banks so big? is the fees they charge us! those fees can come up to multimillion-dollar industry annually and guess what? it comes out of our pockets!

During last year and on or around Tax season I decided for the first time to review my financials! and the surprise comes like a tsunami in my face, I have paid near $1200 in banking fees during 2020! I was shocked that is nearly $100 out of my personal pocket going to my bank. For sure I needed a new Banking relationship, I have done my research and I have placed a sorting filter to find the ultimate Banking App, some of these filters I used: Fee-free, Free Overdraft protection, getting paid early, Credit builder, and no annual fees. Appling all filters resulted in the ultimate Banking App for Freelancers @chime

Little about chime, it is a California-based Mobile banking App that you can use anywhere and anytime. It is best for freelancers due to: No overdrafts fee, No hidden fees, No minimum balance, No monthly fees, and 600K+ nationwide free Atm access, and more.

I have been using Chime since 2019 and I can say that it has been a lot of savings since then…almost $2400 in savings.

As a Freelancer, I highly recommend checking out more about Chime.

Stay tuned for more related topics and Freelancer life savings tips.

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