How do people find your business?

How do people find your business?

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People search online for quires related to your business!

According to statistics of Google Adwords, around 22, 200 people search for toothbrushes every month. So if you are selling toothbrushes you will need to be found in that search!
online search is a key to your business door, website, blog.

A great place to start is Google Adwords, 1.17 billion people use Google. They consult Google for every little thing – even when they need a toothbrush. 

People also search for queries that are related to your business!

Google offers a service to post your ads on:

  • Google search result page
  • Other relevant websites
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How to take advantage of Google search? simple by placing an ad for your business on Google Adwords.

You can show an ad of your business on the Google search result page when people search queries related to your business. Given the example above if you are selling toothbrushes, you will need to place an Ad on Google and use queries like: “toothbrushes for kids”, “toothbrushes for whiter teeth”, or even”get your toothbrush delivered today”

Your ad will show on top of the page, and people will click on it if it catches their interest.

Can you use Google Adwords to derive traffic to your Blog? sure, It is also a very common digital marketing strategy for startups to drive traffic on their website from other relevant websites.

You also have the choice to either ‘Pay Per Click’ or ‘Pay Per Impression’ on your ad. (we will elaborate on this topic in future blog posts! stay tuned).

You see, it’s not blind marketing but clear-sighted – and based on figures and stats.

To summarize Google Adwords is a perfect place to place your business ads in order to drive traffic and people can find your business. Do not sit behind contact us for help related to Google Adwords, our certified Consultants will be ready to answer your questions.

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