Have you ever wonder how you find new business?
In most cases, people do not know about new businesses!

It is especially difficult to build the first few hundred followers!
Did you know Once you have a following, even if it is small in size, it will bring more followers for you! Fact.
Fact no.1 Because people discuss, refer, and share what they like. 

fact no.2 Paid marketing is an easy and fast digital marketing strategy for startups to enhance their visibility.

It is especially difficult to build the first few hundred followers! Fact no.3

If you are looking at opting for paid marketing won’t be a bad idea to give your startup a boost start.  With Paid Traffic, Paid Marketing, Or Paid Ads on Social Media Platforms. With Best 2021 Marketing Facts you will better understand how to effectively drive Traffic to your Business Website.

Where you can find the best platform to opt-in for paid marketing? the answer is there are many platforms that offer online paid marketing – the two most effective among them are Facebook and Google Adwords.

For illustration, Ads spend increased by %12.2 during 2020, and it is forecasted to increase more during 2021. Covid -19 during 2020 was another reason for Online spend increase, more people are searching online, and more people are Buying Goods and Services online.

So let’s compare which Platform is better? Facebook Ads, or Google Ads?
will start with looking at what is Facebook ? or what is Google? a little background will not hurt. Facebook is a social sharing Platform it has Billions of users worldwide and this number is increasing rapidly as more people start using Facebook on daily basis. The purpose of Facebook is to enable people to connect! On the other hand, Google is more of a search engine to find whatever you need to know. Google is a large library of Data. So the question asked is who better? There is no exact answer, Using both Platforms enables you to reach more customers and get wider exposure in a very fast time.

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