Tips in Scaling your blog as startup 2021

Tips will help you scale your blog in 2021. If you are searching the web for blog tips you may encounter this article, and it is often aimed towards startups and blogs. what it is about? and why it is important to read scaling your blog? If you ask yourself, what should I do next? […]

Metrics for Social Media ROI

Which Metrics to watch for to determine ROI for Social Media?How to Get the Best ROI from Social Media? Balancing the cost of output should not be higher than what you receive back from Social Media Ads. Measuring success is a key factor to determine to continue or to kill Social Media Ads. The most […]

Start your Blog in less than 20 Min

Start your Blog as short as 20 Min! Follow our 9 steps to create a Blog.Earn Money Blogging in 2021, receive Passive income for life. First of All, I’m just an average guy like you! and I can say I have no prior experience in Blogging. My Blogging journey started as an inspiration, I talk […]

Creating A Blog Perfect Landing Page

Take these steps in Creating A Blog Perfect Landing Page!What is a Blog landing page? Why Blog Landing Page is different from than Website? What Elements a perfect landing Page Has? A Blog Landing page is not like other Blog website designs! The landing page should be:-Super Clear-Focused.A clear statement of the purpose of your […]

Social Media “Serial Killer”!

Social media is powerful, and it is so powerful when it is in the right hands! We will examine in this Blog why Social media is powerful? How to use Social Media to generate passive income?Social Media is a Medium to share almost everything nowadays. Social Media users around the world are connected to different […]

Want More SEO Traffic?

More Traffic means more visitors you can turn to clients.9 Questions you should ask to determine if your SEO is fully optimized?Why optimize your website is a must to identify SEO errors, missing Keywords, and rank high above the competition? First of all, need to determine your SEO skills! this should answer how much effort […]

What 10 mistakes Bloggers do? Why Do So Many Blogs fail?

Digital marketing spreads awareness that a new kick-ass blog is in the game now.The more people in your market know you, the better chance you have of surviving. Digital marketing has become an integral part of every blog. The purpose of this article is to help you avoid these mistakes: what 10 mistakes Bloggers do? 1.Lack […]

Market your Blog using a Webinar

Are you challenged to start a webinar? we would be showing you how to easily navigate your way around creating and managing your webinar.  There are numerous aspects to consider before beginning a webinar. First and foremost, you must ask yourself why you are hosting a webinar. Anything’s possible that you won’t need in the […]

What is Viral Marketing?

You will see many stupid things going viral online!. Some things just go viral; some are made viral. It’s viral marketing.What is Viral marketing? let us see how Google defines it: “Viral marketing is a sales technique that involves organic or word-of-mouth information about a product or service to spread at an ever-increasing rate. The internet […]